Health & Welfare Plan

Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Fund

In 1954, I.U.O.E. Local 12 won an important benefit for its members – the Health & Welfare Fund.  For 60 years, the Board of Trustees of the Fund have worked hard to provide a comprehensive package of health, dental, prescription drug and vision care benefits to members and retirees of Local 12 and their dependents.

Active members become eligible for benefits from the Fund based on working a certain number of hours for employers signatory to a bargaining agreement with Local 12. Retired members become eligible if they qualify for a pension from the Pension Fund and meet certain other conditions. A summary of the benefits provided and the eligibility rules can be found here – Benefit Summary

Currently, the Fund provides health and welfare benefits to over 10,000 active members and about 7,000 retirees.  Including dependents, approximately 40,000 individuals receive benefits from the Fund.  The Fund Office processes approximately 5,000 claims per month and pays out nearly $4 million a week in benefits and premiums.